Group Pensions

A group pension plan is a pension plan provided by the employer for its employees.  It is designed to take contributions from both, the employer and the employee.

Offering a group pension plan to your employees is not only tax efficient but is also a means of attracting new employees, retaining and motivating existing employees.

Executive Pensions

An executive pension plan can only be set up by an employer and it is designed for Company directors, owners and employees to save for their retirement.

Executive pension plan allows you to benefit from pension contributions paid by the employer on your behalf.

We recommend that you seek advice from Complete Solutions if you wish to maximise your total contributions to an Executive pension plan.

Personal Pensions

A personal pension plan is a long term investment that aims to help you save for retirement while enjoying the tax benefits.

Personal pension plans can be started by self employed or employees who are not included in an employer’s pension scheme.

Calculate the amount of Tax Relief you are entitled to with this Calculator courtesy of Zurich Life